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The Escape Studio is here to provide you with an opportunity for creative self-exploration and restorative mindfulness. Often, in our modern lives, we become disconnected from our Divine selves--where balance and freedom exist. We become distracted, disillusioned and disrupted by the busyness and challenging experiences of our lives.

The Escape Studio wants to help you realign your experiences and perspectives with the Divine by helping you engage--mind, body and spirit--in creative Christ-centering practices. The hope is that you become renewed, refreshed and ready to re-engage life with a more balanced and life-giving way of being. 


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Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

–Pablo Picasso.

Through the many therapeutic encounters I have experienced as an adult as a means of healing from the trauma that comes with being sexually abused as a child, I was determined to find my voice. It wasn’t until I re-engaged with my creative gift of painting and drawing that I understood the value of creative expression and how its healing power can transform us and bring life and joy to our mere existence.  Creative expression allows me to be one with God, promotes the freedom of expressing my innermost self, and soothes my soul. If it’s painting, the strokes on the canvas release who I am. If it’s writing, the strokes on the paper confirm who I am.  If it’s creative movement, the rhythm of my body combined with calming melodies bring a sense of  peace to my being. If it is just quiet moments, the stillness and silence create the perfect opportunity to be closer to my Father in Heaven.  I am always listening for His guidance for my future creative endeavors. Through this act of listening, The Escape Studio was born!  A place made available for you to experience creativity likewise.  The Escape Studio offers you time away to create, a space for you to just “be”, and a sanctuary for your personal spiritual renewal.  As a Self-Care Specialist and Pastor, I can walk along this journey of peace and serenity with you or allow you to move through this space by the guidance of the Holy Spirit..  My only desire is for you to experience the fullness of what God has made available for you; Creativity and Tranquility at its best.  The Escape Studio… A deserving gift to yourself!

Yvette Tarrant

Artist, Pastor & Self-Care Specialist

Founder of The Escape 


“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced”

–Vincent Van Gogh

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I am an artist and mental health professional who believes the meeting of these two worlds promote healing, balance and a deepened awareness of God and self.  I personally witness the restorative power of creativity and mindfulness daily as I work with clients to relieve anxiety, process challenges and move through life’s transitions in a healthy manner. As a believer in Christ’s power to bring healing and, as a lifelong artist, my journey into the field of therapeutic arts began with my own powerfully transformative experiences of engaging God creatively. As a result, I have become devoted to showing others how to find peace and empowerment through artistic experiences with the Divine. That is why I am so passionate about the experience that we offer at The Escape Studio. I look forward to serving you.

Shani Bell, MAAT, LPC, ATR

Art Therapist & Self-Care Specialist



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